Warlords of Draenor-Grom Hellscream: Grommash Hellscream was the chieftain of the Warsong clan, He was the first orc who drank the blood of Mannoroth the Destructor.
This project is a realistic character work that it belong to Blizzard Inc, Warlords of Draenor series.Approximately 4 years ago I saw a trailer of Warcraft-Warlords of Draenor and I really enjoyed of characters creation, render, story and everything that was in the trailer. It was an awesome cinematic trailer that time for me. Then I saw a concept of Tang Weibin on CGPlus of Grom that he is sitting on his throne, I realy like that concept. That time I have not ability to create this character but I decided to create it one day. Last year I started to create this character and I was very happy that I doing this work. This project was hardest and most complex project that I’ve done so far and I’m very glad because I was able to finish this project.   February,2019



Jean Valjean-Free Man: One another personal project that its name is Jean Valjean-Free Man. I would love the story of Jean Valjean from childhood. In the 2012 years, I saw the Les Misérables movie from Tom Hooper and I like the choice of Hugh Jackman for the role jean valjean and was the best choice for jean’s role, of course of my opinion. I had a big challenge to create the hair, was very hard because I did  not work much the hair.   May, 2018



The Princess Of The Elves: This is my recent personal project that I did of Fenghua Zhong concept art. Near to two years ago I saw that concept art on art station site and I really liked to do convert it concept art to 3D and i did it to do. But I did some changes, Because the concept has a problem that was perspective, anyway I tried to create a good work.
For first one, I did render my project in Maya and V.Ray engine, because until now, I did not render with Maya software. I did my previous works with 3d Max rendering. An another thing, that it, that I worked the real hair with Maya Xgen and this is was for first one to me that I created the real hair in render engine. This project was a big challenge to me, because, I had to learn a lot things to do this project. This project lasted two months and 10 days. I’m very happy I did eventually this work.   February,2018



The Last Warrior: This is my first realistic character that so far i did. To do this project, I used the substance painter for the first time, and it was a good experience for me and too for first one I used the fiber mesh in zbrush for long hair. The reference of this work is the Tianhua Xu Concept that he’s a greatest artist painting. He’s one of the greatest artists painting, of course of my opinion. When I saw this concept, I really liked to do it to 3d character, of course I did some changes on the design in my work, because the concept was a little funny and i wanted to do a serious and realistic work.   November, 2017



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