Nader Shah-For Honor: He was one a greatest kings of persian empire, I worked based of big statue that is on his tomb building. The concept for my project was that statue,but with research on the internet to source information about the clothes at that time, and war instruments. I tried to create a new work.   September, 2017



Isatis Character: A t.v commercial character that I worked for Arses studios animation. It was a good experience for making an animation character for me.   February, 2017



Horse: I like the horse very much among the animals and I wanted to show it at beautiful gesture.   May, 2017



Royal Rhyton: One of the most famous rhytons of the empire of achaemenid.   November, 2016



Avicenna: This work is about a persian scientist. This project was a custom work is behalf of client, for Hamen3d Group.   September, 2016



Hunt Rhyton: It is an old rhyton, it was an order behalf of a client, but he didn’t pay for it, he believed that my work was not like the reference.  and I put this work on my personal works.   July, 2016



Rhyton Of Achaemenid: The old rhyton of the achaemenid period.   January, 2016



Glorious King: My second personal project in zbrush software, about a persian king. I enjoyed in this project very much, because it was the first project that I worked on a character.   January, 2015



Old Pitcher:  This was my first personal project that I worked in zbrush software and i had a lot of excitement, because, it was the first month that I bought the wacom tablet.   July, 2014

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