3D Print


Grom Hellscream: The Horde Is Our Everything!: This is second pose of the Grom character as my personal project for 3D Print. I tried to create a new pose that was in my mind.  March,2020 My Reference


Sylvanas Windrunner-For The Horde!: This is another character that I did from warcraft game characters for a group for 3d print at 1\4 scale.  September,2019 My Reference


The Family. Circle Of Life:  This project is a 3d print style work and a 3d persian miniature. I worked it based on Prof. Mahmoud Farshchian paintings, He’s a world master on persian miniature painting field.  In his works, form and color have reached their highest level, I every time seeing his works, I find Feel good. By doing this project, I wanted to create a link between the persian miniature and the 3d space.  August 2019


The Old Kirin Statue: It is an ancient character from the Japan’s history and other East Asian cultures specially in China.
I created this statue for sale in my store on cubebrush.co. Then I decided that to create some renders from it with the brass material in a studio lighting.  June,2019


Rostam & Rakhsh-The New Adventure:  This Legendary man is Rostam of the great Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh book, A persian epic poet. Rostam is a hero and legendary character in persian national stories. The base design was an order behalf of my client that it was for 4 months ago. I decided work again in my personal time to create a real epic and legendary character. I did this project in two and half months. I chosen the Sassanid period, [a persian empire] For creation this character. I used the motifs and symbols of that period.  June,2019


World Of Warcraft. Grom Hellscream: It is a 3D Print project that I wanted to show my abilities in 3D Printing. This project has 52 pieces and its height is 70 cm. The main idea for this work, began of two years ago, when I saw a concept art on CGPlus.com that made me very surprised. I decided that I do it. Produce by Catfish Studio.   November, 2018  My Reference


Nader Shah-For Honor: This is my work that I did it in last year but it has some problems and I corrected them, I rendered this work again with bronze material in keyshot.   August,2018


Wandering: This project its name Wandering. I did based on of persian miniature paintings and I tried to be in 3D Print style. This work is an artistic project and a practice for 3d print, as well.  July,2018


Sagha Khaneh: This is an order behalf of Kian Esfandyari (Traditional Sculptor) that it done some months ago. This place is a drinking water for pilgrims in a holy place and it’s a traditional architect with a history in about 300 years.   March, 2018


Nader Shah_The Glorious King: This is my old work that I worked it in 2014. the old model had many problems, especially in the anatomy. I decided to fix them and I tried to get a better character.   July, 2018


Wonder Woman: It’s first work I’ve done so far for 3d print, It’s a workout and showing my ability on this field.   September, 2017

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